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Terrasym® 401 for Soybeans Seed Treatment (800 Acre Bucket)

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Terrasym® 401 for Soybeans is a bacterial inoculant for use in agriculture for soybean, peanut, pea, and lentil during critical stages of development. When applied, Terrasym 401 allows plants to more effectively utilize nutrients. 


  • One 25 lb. (11.3 kg) bucket of Terrasym 401 for Soybeans

About this Product:
Terrasym 401 for Soybeans Seed Treatment is intended to be used as a bulk seed treatment and has an application rate of 26 g. per 50 kg. (1 oz. per 100 lb.; 14 g. per unit.) When used as directed, each 25 lb (11.3 kg) bucket of Terrasym 401 for Soybeans Seed Treatment covers 800 units of soybean seed at a rate of 140,000 seeds per unit.

All Terrasym products contain living microbes called pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs, or PPFMs, and should be treated as “live.” Please consult your dealer or manufacturer for specific recommendations regarding application. Always read and follow label directions. Check state registration to make sure product is registered in your state before use.

Active Ingredients: 

Terrasym 401 for Soybeans

MICROBIAL CONTENT (2%) ....................... Methylobacterium hispanicum 1 x 109 cfu/g

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